What in the world?


"Design is a plan for arranging elements in  such a way as best to accomplish a  particular purpose."

—Charles Eames

I work with elements — whether they be paint on canvas or an intricate system of high technology — and I do my part in arranging them to accomplish a purpose — whether it be to tell a story, explore the moon, or whatever comes next.

I'm interested in so many things. I have a deep passion for creation and connection — for appreciating beauty and sharing it. I try to keep an open mind, to stay informed, and to create responsibly.

I'm working at facebook in New York this summer as a design intern.




Carnegie Mellon University

Communication Design

Class of 2016


storytelling & motion

I get a lot of joy out of the entire process from the first writing to finishing it up with sound. An example of my creative process can be found by clicking the button.



video games

A game is a perfect interaction design challenge. Back in middle school, I used to make new environments for my favorite games after homework. Since then, I've acted as an art director and concept artist for Aderyn's Cradle. Now,  I'm working with my good friend, Ben Boesel, on a cute, gravity-based experience we're calling Planetoid. Check out the blog!



google lunar x-prize

I'm privileged to be a designer on Astrobotic's Google Lunar X-Prize team. We're building a moon rover named Andy. Andy will explore a massive lunar sinkhole — a potential safe-haven from solar radiation for future human moon colonization. I am involved in the development of the rover's camera system, the control and data UI, and the public face of the project. Yes, I'm really excited.


concept art & illustration

One of my passions is drawing and illustration. I've had experience doing concept art for video games, and I sporadically spend some of my leisure time improving my skills. The buttons to the right link to my art blog on tumblr, and a finalized gallery of my artwork on Artstation.


graphic communication